Canon Cameras:

I have used Canon Cameras from almost the very beginning of my photography career. You simply cannot find a better camera to use today, tomorrow, and into the future. The people at Canon does something that is pretty unique. All of the Canon lenses and cameras have the same type of attachments.

Why does that matter?

It matters, because it gives me the ability to ensure same quality and even type of photos taken for years to come. Here is an example. Today you have some maternity/new born pictures taken. Then in several years you want some school pictures. Years down the road you want graduation photos to look like an old photo. What Canon does with the attachments allows me to use the same attachments year after year no matter the camera I am using. This allows for me to provide consistent quality for you year after year. And it definitely helps when it comes to making those cute “grown up” version of pictures that you see all over Facebook.

Gateway Laptop:

I am currently using Gateway as my laptop of choice. It gives me the power I need to run the programs and edit the photos. It is a pretty decent little laptop that helped to get my photography business off the ground. I will be looking to upgrade soon to either a Mac or an HP Envy. Simply because I need more computing power and my current laptop is several years old. Overall Gateway is pretty good for a starter laptop.


I use the Photoshop suite for all of my picture editing needs. Their entire suite is useful for a wide variety of uses. I most use the basic Photoshop program. If I need to get really fancy like for wedding photographs, graduation photographs, or some other formal occasion I will use some of the more advance suites to ensure your pictures look as great as possible!!


I use SEO M.D. for all of my website needs. They helped to design my website from scratch. They also take care of all of my hosting and updating needs to make sure your experience on my site is as good as your experience in person. They do such a great job and gave me a great deal! It also doesn’t hurt that my brother runs this company.